Ayla Jewellery by Ayla Kellens

From wanderlust to jewellery

She graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Jewellery Design and Silversmithing
from Sint Lucas University College of Arts, Antwerp, Belgium.

During and after her studies she has managed to travel all over the world,
from the colourful coastlines of Cinca Terra, Italy,
to the most amazing beaches in Palawan, Philippines.
From the busy city life of Osaka, Japan to the stretched out untouched nature
in New South Wales, Australia.

These travels and all that beauty are what have inspired her in all her designs.

Ayla Kellens, creator of Ayla Jewellery. Wearing the sterling silver totem earrings
With my jewellery I want to make people stand still
and re-appreciate the beauty in life.
Make them look at the world with
a state of wonder and excitement.

You will discovered new things.
Touch, colours, textures,…
There are thousands of small amazing details all around,
if you just take the time, slow down and really look.

I want people to experience these feelings when they see and wear my jewellery.


The handcrafted aspect is therefore very important to Ayla.

“I love the process involved in jewellery making,
it makes me feel so calm yet excited at the same time.”

The process of making something by hand, something the world has not seen before,
something unique is like creating treasures,
objects that will be cherished and loved.
The jewellery pieces all have their own raw and imperfect maker’s marks.
This way every piece has it’s own unique character.


Every piece is handcrafted with a high attention to detail and
the highest quality materials.
Rather then making new jewellery pieces every season I focus on quality, craftsmanship, honest production, and minimal environmental impact.
The jewellery is made to order in my small studio in Antwerp, Belgium.
Nothing is mass produced.
All jewellery boxes, postcards etc. are made out of recycled paper.

Custom Made

If you have any questions, would like something custom made or just want to have a little chat,

message me by clicking